Lateral thinking

Roger Mawhinney <roger@...>

We seem to be missing something here.

I've been running a single PC system (Athlon 2200+, 1Gb memory, Raid 0
disks, XP Pro) and never really checked missing segments assuming that I
would naturally miss a lot more than the dedicated 2 PC systems. However,
over the past few days, I've realised that I'm probably on a par with most
users. I'm currently running MSGDataManager, Outlook, Norton Anti-virus,
Office Indexing, Defrag, Climate Prediction and probably a load of other
junk I don't even realise. When I use the PC it's for mostly really serious
Photoshop work as well as the background remote imaging, yet I do not feel I
am seriously disadvantaged in terms of quality and lost segments. Why not?

If it's not the PC, what else would cause serious segment loss? Is it
Eumetsat? Do they give any statistics as to lost or delayed segments?
Perhaps it is time for a bit more investigation away from the obvious over
loaded PC.

Roger Mawhinney
Lurgan, N. Ireland

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