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and to reinforce Dave C's comments -

Our farmhouse has a shelter-belt of trees, and I was loathe to mount a dish high on the house, so beyond the trees I have a 1.2m dish =at ground level= on a substantial mount with lots of concrete ballast

As part of monitoring experiments, in the style of a mirror galvanometer, I affixed a laser diode module to the rim of the dish projected onto a board and pencil-tracked the deflection - a "good" gale only gave about 15 arc-seconds of movement of the dish

The second hand Channel Master dish I'm using for MSG has good rib-reinforcement, but the 1m pressed steel dish I was using for Met-7, even when mounted on a solid steam-pipe mounting, had noticeable flex and I resorted to a number of wooden struts self-tappered at the rim and running back/down to the ground to stabilise the rim. Before I stabilised it, I could see the equivalent of a couple of degrees movement in a good storm !

Also, don't be afraid of a long lead-in with about an 85m (eighty five metre) of CT100 lead into the house.

Dave M

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My thoughts, which should have been illustrated with a picture, are that all
the installations I have seen of 88cm dishes, the brackets used are barely
capable of holding a 45cm. And why so high, if a garden gets the sun, and
it would be a strange garden that couldn't, then the dish can be at ground
level, or certainly not waving high in the sky on flimsy brackets !

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