Re: Disabling the "Smart Card" service - have you needed to do this?

Luca Bertagnolio <lucaberta@...>

I too am running Win2000, SP4 Professional in my case, and the Smart
Card service is running without any particular issue on my P3 850
which runs 24/7 both Tellique and WXtoImg for APT reception. I have
never noticed any slowdown, and the machine is rebooted only if Bill
Gates' engineers force me to do it!

David, you might try to see if RAM2Free solves this issue for you, it
helps me quite a bit with my work laptop which has a small amount of

Let me know if this small utility is helpful to you.

Bye, Luca

--- In MSG-1@..., "David Taylor" <david-taylor@b...>
David, I am running Windows XP and can't find under the processes
running list any reference to scardsvr.exe . Is this purely a
2000 issue I wonder, or does the exe have a different name?
I don't know, James. Perhaps Windows 2000 incorrectly starts it,
when it's not needed?

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