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Hi David,

I found some info on the WEB about the B2C2 chip(and software),
look at the following web-pages and

Thanks, Bert. I'd found those pages later by searching on B2C2. I
got an outline data sheet on the main chip on the card (FlexCop) and
on the "TechniSat" card (which seems to actually be a B2C2 card).
the plot thickens!

I am trying to get a better undertsanding of how the system works,
and what the so-called quality indicator means. At least in the
data sheet they talk about power (dBm) into a 75 ohm impedance, so I
am on familiar ground there. I haven't yet worked out from the
Eb/No threshold tables whether the 2.3 or the 2.6B is the more
sensitive card!


chip: <>



(beware of URL wrapping)

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