Re: SkyStar card versions - calibration differences?

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

(I should add that I also now have a spliiter so that I can feed two
cards from one antenna. My simplistic view suggests that splitting
the signal should, er, decrease the SNR and not increase it!).
Today I added a splitter and fed the Skystar PCI card and a Digital Satellite Receiver(STB) from the same LNB.

The signal on the STB dropped from 88% to 86% and quality remained at 100% . Setup4PC showed no change in Quality 69-71% but with a slightly more rapid fluctuation. The SNR changed from a steady 10.8 to varying between 10.8 and 11.2. The insertion loss of the splitter is 4dB.

Setup4PC showed no change when connected either via the STB loopthrough or directly to the LNB. An advantage of the loopthrough setup is the ability to monitor a TV channel on the 11096 tp whilst receiving MSG1 data. The motorised dish allows the tweaking of the azimuth with the aid of the more responsive signal and quality indicators of the STB. So far since installation my dish has remained rock steady .


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