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--- In MSG-1@..., Robert Moore <rsmoore@l...> wrote:
Thank you Arne that is useful to know - I have six to eight
segments missing in
_every_ fifteen minute pass.
Looks like I may have to go up the ladder!
We desperately need a second source to verify our systems.

I did mention this earlier on Satsignal list, by installing the
DVB/tellique software a bit differently it is possible to start TV4PC
and watch TV when TQ is off.
This way you can check if the antenna and Skystar are working
properly by watching Sailing channel. Every signal drop or too low
signal quality will be shown as "freeze" or dropout on a digital TV
channel. Sailing channel is on the same transponder as Eumetcast.

Robert do you have TV4PC under Start, programs, DVB ?
David Taylor, now you have version 4.2.8 running with the new setup,
is TV4PC installed by default?

TV4PC is not the only way to view TV, other viewers can be used once
the skystar drivers are installed.
Did anyone else try to install and start DVBviewer after the official
Eumetcast installation procedure?

At my work at this moment, but I will try this evening to get a
viewer working.

Arne van Belle

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