Re: Definitions and questions!

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Arne and I discussed this on MSG-1 group on 12 October. I'm am
fairly sure that Signal Quality is a measure of S/N, and probably
improves if a splitter is fitted because of reduction of overload or
subtle changes in receiver parameters with changes in signal level.
Easiest way to check is to exchange the splitter for an attenuator!

Best regards - Alan
Yes, I found that after a little looking. I have tried to find the
specs of the B2C2 chip and other component of the SkyStar card, in
the hope of finding something more like an engineering manual that I
could understand! The B2C2 card is purely digitial, so that doesn't
help, I can't find the part number for the tuner, and the chip next
to it is hidden under a heatsink!

In any case, if all these cards need lower signal strength to
perform well, shouldn't AGC be doing something about that? Is "our"
transponder being hidden in a mush of intermodulation from the


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