Re: Definitions and questions!

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

Speaking from a position of ignorance, what is meant by "Signal
Quality" in the Transponder Status display? It seems to be rather
like the S-meter in amateur radio, an arbitrary indication of signal
strength as seen by the receiver (so in fact would be more
accurately called quantity than quality!). Am I correct? Is there
a standard?

I think the major difference is that signal quality is assessed after demodulation and takes into account channel power, carrier/noise and bit error ratio.

I have now reverted to my original setup with the PCI card fed through the loopthrough of a digital satellite receiver. The receiver shows the 11096 tp Signal 88% and quality 100%.
Whether connected via the loopthrough or or directly from the LNB there is no change in the Setup4PC Quality, SNR or BER. I have a splitter somewhere and when I find it will feed the PCI card and STB from the same LNB and see if there is any change.

My lost segment problem is now a thing of the past although a few expletives were expressed at midday today !

Google searches have been interesting, "DVB signal assessment" turned up the a paper on the reproduction of the newts !



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