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I don't know if Hotbird 6 has an analog transponder.
yes, there are a few analog PAL transponder in the same polarization
and band segment as the EUMETCast transponder:

10815H Duna TV
10974H TRT International

There are also some in the other polarization:

11079V France5/ARTE
11114V BBC World
11161V DW TV

If anyone has an analog receiver, you might want to try tuning the
channel, and then switching to the other polarization, to make sure
you don't see any spikes for the transponder in quadrature. If there
are traces of the signal, it means that the polarization angle of the
LNB is not perfectly aligned, so the LNB would need to be slighly
loosened from its support, and rotated in order to get rid of the
interfering channel.

Old trick from the analog world, not really applicable with the
digital birds any longer... infact digital TV is much less
susceptible to such misalignments, but in our case we're clearly
eating all the margins and accurate pointing becomes mandatory, as in
David's case.

Bye, Luca

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