Re: SkyStar card versions - calibration differences?

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Could be a shared IRQ David. Did you try the Old card on the 4.2.8
driver too ?
Mouse judder: DVB card IRQ 09, Mouse IRQ 12
Looking at "Resources by connection" shows that the mouse on (ISA)
IRQ 12 shares that with nothing, but the DVB card on (PCI) IRQ 9
seems to be charing with the sound card, the video card, the network
card and two USB controllers!

Interestingly, on a recent PC most of the PCI IRQ values are
different, but on the 1GHz PC all are at 9....

Testing different hardware revisions with the newest driver and
SP4 is quite a bold step David. But if it works, does prove that
some previous error reports on 4.2.8 and Microsoft patches might
have been just a unlucky coincidence.
Well, when you install the new card the drivers on the CD are
V2.4.8, so I presume that they may be required....

Monitoring CPU load is required, unfortunately I don't have a tool
to measure the current harddisc load. Both are very important.
It seems to me that it is something more like a timeout issue rather
than absolute CPU or disk load - if the DVB card doesn't serviced
within a certain interval data is lost. Of course, there is nothing
like enough buffering on the card. If there was 30 seconds, say, of
data buffer (about 8MB, say 16 or 32MB for good measure, I am sure
the card would be much robust to use in a general purpose PC.

By the way, I see on MSG animator that the clouds are just
over here at this moment, so I might enjoy the moon eclips this
night !
It was cloudy for us in Edinburgh.


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