Re: SkyStar card versions - calibration differences?


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I do notice that with the new card, in either of the two PCs where
it has been tested, the mouse movement is subject to occasional
judder, gaps of motion lasting a fraction of a second. This judder
does not occur when the card is not installed and receiving data.
Both PCs have a PS2 mouse.
Could be a shared IRQ David. Did you try the Old card on the 4.2.8
driver too ?
Testing different hardware revisions with the newest driver and SP4
is quite a bold step David. But if it works, does prove that some
previous error reports on 4.2.8 and Microsoft patches might have been
just a unlucky coincidence.

What I found with the testing PC (2.8GHz P4) was that whilst
most "office" use of the PC did not produce missing segments,
running anything that was very CPU intensive could result in
segments begin missed. E.g. making panoramas, and some Paint Shop
Pro filtering or resampling operations. Eating CPU for more than
(say) one second was not on. (On the other hand, running disk
defrags, anti-virus, Zone Alarm etc. seems to be OK. Perhaps
because they involve I/O as well as CPU activity). I had hoped to
be able to run the DVB card on a general "office" PC, but that
proved not to be 100% reliable.
Monitoring CPU load is required, unfortunately I don't have a tool to
measure the current harddisc load. Both are very important.

By the way, I see on MSG animator that the clouds are just clearing
over here at this moment, so I might enjoy the moon eclips this
night !

Arne van Belle

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