Re: Disabling the "Smart Card" service - have you needed to do this?

Guy Martin <agm@...>

I disabled this service, not because I had problems but because I see no point in wasting memory on services I don't need. Having said that my Tellique software has worked perfectly since installation, longest time on continuous is 18 hrs.

Cheers, Guy

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One thing that both Arne van Belle and I have observed is that the
PC with the Tellique software gradually runs out of memory, and it
seems to be the process scardsvr.exe which is leaking memory. We
have both set the "Smart Card" service to Startup = Disabled to fix
this. I am running Windows 2000 Server, SP3.

Is there anyone else who has needed to do this? I ask because this
service will be needed for the USB eToken to work.....


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