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When the Sky changeover took place, I found out by experience
by asking people that the simple alignment meters only work if the
satellite in question has a radiating analog transponder. The
satellite used for Sky digital only has digital transponders so the
meter did not work. You can buy
digital alignment meters but they are several times more expensive.
If you can find the satellite by moving the dish, fine alignment
can be done using
the quality/signal strength features that most receivers offer -
e.g. the
one on Sky or the one on the SkyStar2 card. Fine alignment using
the signal
quality or BER is essential - signal strength is far too crude a
measure to
work for digital signals. I don't know if Hotbird 6 has an analog

Alan and Roger,

Theoretically there is no difference in a satmeter for Digital or
Analog satellites/transponders. Both transpondertypes emits huge
amounts of RF energy but with different modulation techniques.
The satmeter only detects this RF enegery.

But I did hear about poorly functioning satmeters, probably due to
inferior design. In some cases the build-in beeper takes up to much
current, affecting the meter readout.
In other cases the gain knob to pre-set the meter half way is not
functioning correctly, giving an all or nothing readout.

A modern satmeter should be able to cope with higher frequencies (up
to 2200 Mhz) and the addition of 22 KHz imposed on the powersupply.
Older types might not be able to handle this as they were designed
for max 1750 MHz and only 13/18 V DC supply.

As we do not use the high band for MSG, the 22 KHz signal from the
receiver will be off and 11096 MHz will be converted to 1346 Mhz, I
don't think you need a modern, digital satmeter.

By aligning with the signal quality readout however, you know you are
tuned to that transponder and not to all transponders together.
Note that BER reading is not available anymore on the new Skystar
card. And you do need patience as the readout is updated in second

Arne van Belle

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