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When the Sky changeover took place, I found out by experience confirmed
by asking people that the simple alignment meters only work if the satellite
in question has a radiating analog transponder. The satellite used for Sky
digital only has digital transponders so the meter did not work. You can buy
digital alignment meters but they are several times more expensive. If you
can find the satellite by moving the dish, fine alignment can be done using
the quality/signal strength features that most receivers offer - e.g. the
one on Sky or the one on the SkyStar2 card. Fine alignment using the signal
quality or BER is essential - signal strength is far too crude a measure to
work for digital signals. I don't know if Hotbird 6 has an analog

Best regards - Alan

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I had a problem getting my dish aligned; I'm in N Ireland so I've probably
got a similar signal to you. Rather than bring in the "professionals"
consider investing in Timestep's simple alignment meter. (If I remember
correctly about �20-�25.) Assuming you can access your dish, simple hand
pressure on the horizontal and vertical axes will allow to get the alignment
spot on. Here, it's blowing a real gale at present and while my dish is at
the bottom of the mast I use for my QFH and sways a bit, signal strength
(normally 70%) is dropping to 59%, SNR drops from 10.9 to 9.2, but the BER
is unchanged at zero.

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|> David,
|> I have just tried running Setup4PC for about 4 minutes with data
|coming in. I take channels 2-4-5-9-12 at the moment and in
|that very short period I lost 3 segments. Even with this
|fairly low computer spec. I have never ever had segment loss (
|apart from Eumetsat problems ). I am running a more recent
|version of the Tellique software and the newer card. It would
|appear that Douglas is spot on -- if you attempt to even look
|at the status on the card with data coming in you are going to
|get segment loss -- certainly that is my findings.
|> Regards
|> Ian.
|Well, that's interesting - perhaps we are starting to get somewhere?
|However, I've been running Setup4PC, Transponder Status
|display, all day today (last reboot was 19:30 last night) and
|since 10:15 this morning I have had zero missing segments!
|Today's problems I can relate to the wind. But if I start
|getting unexplained missing segments I will certainly stop Setup4PC.
|(Also running Tellique 2.3.1, Windows Server 2000, older DVB card).
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