Re: Tellique Software version?

John Parkins <kvp@...>

Hello Luca,

It says the eToken runtime environment 3.00

Friday, November 7, 2003, 7:28:43 PM, you wrote:

LB> John,

LB> thanks for the info, most useful.

LB> One last question, could you please right click on the RTE MSI file
LB> and select "properties", then the "summary" panel, and tell us what
LB> release of the eToken RTE that one is?

LB> Aladdin is currently shipping 3.51, but is dated September, so the
LB> release would be earlier for sure.

LB> Thanks again,

LB> Luca

LB> --- In, John Parkins <kvp@b...> wrote:
Hello Luca,

A folder called Tellique containing a file called t-systems-
LB> setup.EXE
24/09/2003 1408KB

A folder called EKU_software which contains a file called eToken
RTE.msi 02/07/2003 1926KB

Best regards,

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