Re: Tellique Software version?

John Parkins <kvp@...>

Hello Luca,

A folder called Tellique containing a file called t-systems-setup.EXE
24/09/2003 1408KB

A folder called EKU_software which contains a file called eToken
RTE.msi 02/07/2003 1926KB

A .pdf document called EUM TD 15_v3_17_july_2003.pdf

And a Readme.txt which says:

Released 26-09-2003

This CD contains:

1. Tellique software version 2.3.1 2003/08/11
The t-systems-setup.EXE will install the tellique software.
2. EKU Software
The eToken RTE.msi should be installed to allow the tellique software to access
the etoken. EUMETSAT document TD 15 includes information in section 3.2.4 Note: the
EKU is only required for the reception of data whose access is restricted in accordance
with EUMETSAT Data Policy.
3. EUMETSAT document TD 15
This document contains information about EUMETCast. It also describes the installation
of the software on this CD.

It is noted that the TELLICAST client software is owned by T-Systems.
The user shall not transfer, assign, sub-licence, reproduce or copy this software.


Changing the parameter "file_database_size"

Changing the parameter "file_database_size" might cause a hangup of the software.
The following steps should be performed for changing this parameter smoothly:

a) Stop the tqrecv-client.
b) Change the parameter "file_database_size" in the recv.ini
(If you omit this parameter, tqrecv uses a default value of 250MB).
c) Delete the directory "receiving" (internal file-database).
d) Start the tqrecv-client.

Friday, November 7, 2003, 2:59:27 PM, you wrote:

LB> John,

LB> could you let us know exactly what other software is included? File
LB> name, size and date would be nice to know.

LB> Also, any text or readme files?

LB> Thanks, Luca

LB> --- In, John Parkins <kvp@b...> wrote:

Also included on the disk were some files associated with the future
use of the USB dongle.
Best regards,

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