Re: Tellique Software version?

John Parkins <kvp@...>


Thanks for the response. It seems there are two version in common use
and both appear to be working.

I asked because Eumetsat kindly sent me what they told me was an
update, to be quite honest I thought I already had the latest version
but apparently not. The version sent is 2.3.1, I had been using 2.3.0a.
Also included on the disk were some files associated with the future
use of the USB dongle.

Anyway great service from Eumetsat, I got the email from them on
Wednesday and the software arrived this morning. Thanks very much both
Pamela and Sally.

Friday, November 7, 2003, 10:40:07 AM, you wrote:

JP> Hello,

JP> What version of the Tellique software are you all running?

JP> I'll explain when I had some response.

Best regards,

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