Re: Tellique Software version?


--- In, John Parkins <kvp@b...> wrote:
What version of the Tellique software are you all running?


I run TQ 2.3.1 (Beta ?) at the moment and used 2.3.0a from May up to
September 18th without problems.

With TQ231 the scardsvr.exe process does not leak memory.
TQ230 causes scardsvr.exe to leak 8 bit/minute, but only if no eToken
is inserted.

Both versions do behave the same on my system.
Learned that a fast growing 0.fsy file under tellique&#92;receiving&#92;tmp
does show there is a problem. Normally it grows with a few MB per
hour until the 102.400 kbyte limit is reached, then it is renamed
1.fsy and a new 0.fsy is created.

Did notice that with bad signal conditions this file grows very

Arne van Belle

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