Re: Tellique Software version?

James Brown

In message <>, John Parkins <> writes

What version of the Tellique software are you all running?

I'll explain when I had some response.

Does this really help John without correlating a bit more? E.g.

1. Do you get lots of missing segments?

2. Are you using 2.3.0(a) or 2.3.1?

3. Which Operating system?

4. What are your very lowest signal strength readings?

5. How many channels do you receive out of the full data set?

6. Do you receive other data like RSS or MDD?

7. Computer details.

For me it would be:

1. No

2. 2.3.0a (But upgrading tonight to 2.3.1)

3. Windows XP

4. 69%

5. 3 HRIT Full FSD No LRIT

6. No

7. Athlon 1800 500mb ram single computer setup DVB card Sky 2 (not latest)

Even with this data, I fear there may be some other aspect that we are missing.

Anyway, all power to the elbow of those trying to resolve the issue.

James Brown

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