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Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

Hi Guy,
I did have Task Manager and Performance Monitor running while I did
this. There was no perceptible change in Processor load when setup4pc was
opened, nor when Status was clicked, but the Commit Charge did increase
slightly in each case (408 MB to 414 MB to 433 MB). With MDM running, the
processor load is almost completely dominated by MDM, reaching peaks of 100%
every few seconds as it is called upon to do the wavelet transform. then at
the end of the cycle, the number of pages/second and the disk queue take off
for a few seconds when the file saves are done.
One possible cause of these problems might be the interrupt handling of
the DVB card. If this is not treated as a priority, it is feasible that
problems could arise. MDM can be set to assume a lower priority and I have
got it set that way, but no other programs have this feature that I know of.

Best regards - Alan

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It might be interesting to have task manager running while you play around
to see what it happening to processor useage.

Cheers, Guy

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I'm glad to see Arne's reply to these posts as I also do not have
if I run setup4pc. In fact, the other evening, I spent about half an
playing with the program, trying to use the "tune" function, and I
no data losses at all. It may depend on how much spare power the receive
has available, if opening Explorer can do it, perhaps other program can
enough to lose data. Anyway, its not a given that running setup4pc
in data loss.

Best regards - Alan
(Single PC system, Athlon 2400, 1 GB RAM, pc333.)

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