Re: Missing Segments

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

After perfect reception since Sunday afternoon I had a period of severe segment loss last night (5/11) between 2015 and 2115. The Tellique log was reporting (wrong interface address I suspect a red T icon was being displayed. The system returned to normal with no intervention.

Since 2115 yesterday I have had two lost segments
Ch05, seg:5
Ch08, seg:5

Below a portion of the log showing one the wrong interface errors, there were also many "Lost Message" reports.

VRB:2003-11-05 20:18:13.856:Received new key 54173
VRB:2003-11-05 20:18:13.856:Received announcement for channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address (subscribed)
VRB:2003-11-05 20:18:14.169:Connecting to data channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address (invited)
ERR:2003-11-05 20:18:14.216:Failed to open data channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address (wrong interface address
MSG:2003-11-05 20:18:14.231:Disconnect from data channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address completed (channel closed)
VRB:2003-11-05 20:18:14.919:Received file 3fa959e900110b1d on channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 3'
MSG:2003-11-05 20:18:14.966:File transmission 3fa959e900110b22 ended/interrupted: 4 files missing/incomplete.

I expect to receive version tqrecv 2.3.1 software tomorrow.

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