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I do agree with you, but nevertheless it is still another consideration for
those that are having unexplained segment loss. If there is one thing that
has become clear with receiving MSG on home computers, it is that there is a
number of variables that can cause problems for some and not others. I
consider myself to be very lucky in that even with a fairly low spec.
computer ( Athlon 1200 -- 768mb ram ) I do not have any segment loss at my
end even when using the computer for my normal day to day use. I even tried
playing a fairly high spec computer game ( without Data Manager ) with data
coming in without loss.
However again last night I experimented with Setup4PC and found when I
opened it there was no data loss, but as soon as I opened status, problems
started. Still it is not a worry for me as I do not use Setup4PC when data
is coming in --- I am not interested in monitoring signal level.



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I'm glad to see Arne's reply to these posts as I also do not have problems
if I run setup4pc. In fact, the other evening, I spent about half an hour
playing with the program, trying to use the "tune" function, and I
no data losses at all. It may depend on how much spare power the receive
has available, if opening Explorer can do it, perhaps other program can
enough to lose data. Anyway, its not a given that running setup4pc results
in data loss.

Best regards - Alan
(Single PC system, Athlon 2400, 1 GB RAM, pc333.)

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