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Alan Sewards <alan.sewards@...>

I'm glad to see Arne's reply to these posts as I also do not have problems
if I run setup4pc. In fact, the other evening, I spent about half an hour
playing with the program, trying to use the "tune" function, and I suffered
no data losses at all. It may depend on how much spare power the receive PC
has available, if opening Explorer can do it, perhaps other program can take
enough to lose data. Anyway, its not a given that running setup4pc results
in data loss.

Best regards - Alan
(Single PC system, Athlon 2400, 1 GB RAM, pc333.)

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Well, that's interesting - perhaps we are starting to get somewhere?

However, I've been running Setup4PC, Transponder Status display,
day today (last reboot was 19:30 last night) and since 10:15 this
morning I have had zero missing segments! Today's problems I can
relate to the wind. But if I start getting unexplained missing
segments I will certainly stop Setup4PC.

(Also running Tellique 2.3.1, Windows Server 2000, older DVB card).


Hello David, Ian, Douglas and others,

Although Eumetsat does warn for data loss when activating setup4pc
(Have read it somewhere, was it in TD15 ?) I have never lost segments
this way. I switch to Status frequently to watch signal level and
also had it opened for at least a week during the solar outages. But
Ian is correct in leaving the receive PC alone, because I did loose
lots of segments just opening Explorer on the received folder !
Running only a Celeron 800 Mhz with 256 Mb ram this is something I
can live with.
Apart from a failing harddisc two weeks ago, this PC has been powered
on from May and is only rebooted for updates or at power losses.

Did improve on cooling a bit by adding a case fan and removed the
slotcoverplate below the old version Skystar.

I do run a "lean" W2K Pro SP3, have not applied any security patch
and had to disable the scardsvr process before I upgraded to TQ231.
Have no firewall, virus scanner, time sync or defrag running on this
PC and did set powermanagement to "full on".

David try to borrow/get a satsignal meter to check if you do not
suffer from fast signal fluctuations at windy conditions. Or borrow
an old analog sat receiver with a signal meter output. This could
convince the installer to check the alignment and fixing of your dish.

Arne van Belle

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