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Roger Mawhinney <roger@...>

I had a problem getting my dish aligned; I'm in N Ireland so I've probably
got a similar signal to you. Rather than bring in the "professionals"
consider investing in Timestep's simple alignment meter. (If I remember
correctly about £20-£25.) Assuming you can access your dish, simple hand
pressure on the horizontal and vertical axes will allow to get the alignment
spot on. Here, it's blowing a real gale at present and while my dish is at
the bottom of the mast I use for my QFH and sways a bit, signal strength
(normally 70%) is dropping to 59%, SNR drops from 10.9 to 9.2, but the BER
is unchanged at zero.


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|> David,
|> I have just tried running Setup4PC for about 4 minutes with data
|coming in. I take channels 2-4-5-9-12 at the moment and in
|that very short period I lost 3 segments. Even with this
|fairly low computer spec. I have never ever had segment loss (
|apart from Eumetsat problems ). I am running a more recent
|version of the Tellique software and the newer card. It would
|appear that Douglas is spot on -- if you attempt to even look
|at the status on the card with data coming in you are going to
|get segment loss -- certainly that is my findings.
|> Regards
|> Ian.
|Well, that's interesting - perhaps we are starting to get somewhere?
|However, I've been running Setup4PC, Transponder Status
|display, all day today (last reboot was 19:30 last night) and
|since 10:15 this morning I have had zero missing segments!
|Today's problems I can relate to the wind. But if I start
|getting unexplained missing segments I will certainly stop Setup4PC.
|(Also running Tellique 2.3.1, Windows Server 2000, older DVB card).
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