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I have just tried running Setup4PC for about 4 minutes with data coming in.
I take channels 2-4-5-9-12 at the moment and in that very short period I
lost 3 segments. Even with this fairly low computer spec. I have never ever
had segment loss ( apart from Eumetsat problems ). I am running a more
recent version of the Tellique software and the newer card. It would appear
that Douglas is spot on -- if you attempt to even look at the status on the
card with data coming in you are going to get segment loss -- certainly that
is my findings.



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Just one other thing as a long shot. I once tried whilst MSG data
was coming in, looking at the signal level on SetUP4PC....disaster.
You must not do anything with that program during MSG reception or
data can be lost.... not even checking signal level.


Thanks for your comments on dish alignment etc. I'm phsching myself
up to calling the professionals again! (They did seem to take good
care when installing, that's why I'm reluctant).

I run Setup4PC all the time when receiving MSG-1 and have not, as
far as I know, ever had a problem due to this. I have the
Statistics screen on permanent display. What you say surprises me.
Has anyone else found this?


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