Re: Missing Segments

David Strickland <David@...>

Further to my post yesterday at 0830 I missed seg. 5 from
chans. 6,8,9,10,11 and seg.15 from chan 12. The interesting thing
here is channel 9 as it was amoung the groups of channels yesterday
as well! I would think that if the files sent were in groups of
channels then this is an unexpected result. Signal quality is a
steady 70-71% with SNR 10.8 a 88cm dish weather is good and dish is
very rigid mounted. Even in a strong gale little signal variation
occurs. The dropped segments look to me like a software problem. The
Sky star card is in the computer in the garage!! It has strong
cooling and certainly no overheat problems. CPU temperature is a nice
44C and system temp is 28C. It has three temperature controlled
cooling fans and as it is quite cool outside today nothing is working
very hard. I have not restarted since yesterday deliberately to watch
what happens.

Regards David S.

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