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Your dish size is more than adequate. For normal TV use the recommended
for Hotbird for most of Scotland is 70cm and that should not be any
different for data. What concerns me more about your system is the fact
strong winds are obviously seriously affecting your dish. If this was put
professionally David get them back out. In this modern day and age dishes
attached to walls buildings etc. should not have so much movement that
serious signal loss occurs.


I do agree. My dish (80cms ex SKY analogue) is on top of a 'non rigid' 6'
pole with no guys, fixed directly into the ground, and moves quite a bit in
the wind with no loss of data. This makes me think that if it is movement
it must be excessive. Perhaps a poor cable connection ?
Is it within reach of reasonable ladders or a pole to see if it is 'wobbly'
before calling the fitters back.
The card is still a possibility in that it could be behaving incorrectly to
small drops in signal caused by wind.
Next windy day why not stop taking MSG and watch Sailing channel keeping an
eye on signal levels and image quality.
Just one other thing as a long shot. I once tried whilst MSG data was
coming in, looking at the signal level on SetUP4PC....disaster. You must
not do anything with that program during MSG reception or data can be
lost.... not even checking signal level.


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