Re: Missing segments

davidstrickland2003 <David@...>

I have been away for a few days. Today I powered up my 2 PC MSG
system when I arrived home early this afternoon. The 1400 missing
segments are, I believe understandable as I must have just caught the
middle of that transmission. So from ch1-11 I lost segs. 1234 and
from ch.12 1-11. At 1515 I lost seg 8 from ch 1,3,4,5,9; at 1545 I
lost seg 6 from ch 1,3,4,5,9 and at 1815 I lost seg 7 from ch
1,3,4,5,9. All other images inbetween these are 100% ok. Note that
the losses effect the same channels!! I am sure my hardware does not
know about channels and time and although it is a little rainy it
would be extremely improbable that it would cause this effect. As the
machines have just been restarted any previous state should have been
lost. The patterns above shout software, not hardware but it is
probably within the TEllique software so would be hard for me to
trouble shoot - no code!! Question - any ideas how I could go about
troubleshooting. If I had two front end machines I could start them
at different times and compare the raw files collected but I do not.
Any ideas?

Regards David S.

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