Re: Problem with Geosatsignal when creating HRV Animation in High Resolution

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Subject: [MSG-1] Problem with Geosatsignal when creating HRV Animation in
High Resolution

Hi David,

i am trying to create various animation of germany for example in
Geosatsignal (ver. with HRV Images as PNGs (those new ones,

I use remapping, with zooming and so on and a resolution of the target
picture about 768x576.

When i try to animate, or even sometimes just try to make one picture,
Geosatsignal just quits, with no warning message or else.
In this computer i have about 1.2 GB RAM. So i dont know if thats an

I would really like to go up with the resolution, but cannot.

Could this be a problem with Geosatsignal? Or do i need more RAM?

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Maik Dobbermann
Hello Maik

I run a close-up orthographically corrected colour animation of the UK most
days using the HRV 12n image.
I have a 2000 XP with 1 Gb of RAM. The animation is made up whilst MSG DM
is running (Receive is on another computer). At the moment I am doing it
with PNG saved images without any problem.
I am using the latest beta version of GSS4 ie V4.0.4.408 although I have
used earlier versions without any problems.
In my case the basic settings I use are :-

False colour :- normal
Brightness :- H.E.
Crispen :- more
Remapping :- enabled
Remapped Image Size :- 1280 x 960
meridian :- -4 (minus 4)
parallel :- 54
span :- 10

Hope that helps.


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