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Guy Martin <agm@...>

Win2K workstations get 'grumpy' if left on for long periods and I and many others I know re-boot servers weekly. I have one server running a web based application that needs re-booting nightly. It seems to be a memory leak that causes that particular problem. Whether its the app not releasing memory or the kernel not realising it has been released I don't know. From postings to this group it looks as though something similar is happening here. I have never experienced this problem perhaps because the longest I have left the machines on is about 10 hours. I use Win2K but the code in XP is pretty much the same.

Cheers, Guy

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Memory fragmentation is a problem for machines which are left on for a long
period of time. I can remember having to reboot a server every week, simply
to keep performance acceptable. I suspect that it can't be avoided any
more than disk fragmentation but will be dependent on how programs allocate
and release memory. It will of course be cleared on re-boot.

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|> Just to let you know that I seem to have a lot of unexplained
|> missing segments overnight after a number of really good days, so
|> I've also taken the full mains-off reset route this morning.....
|> I wonder if it happens when Tellique's memory allocation gets too
|> high?
|> Cheers,
|> David
|From memory (excuse the pun) it seems to happen to those who keep their
|computers on permanently or at least for long periods at a time.
|As you know I switch off at night and back on early morning
|and have never
|experienced this.
|Would that not further support your suggestion.
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