Problem with Geosatsignal when creating HRV Animation in High Resolution

Maik Dobbermann <maik.dobbermann@...>

Hi David,

i am trying to create various animation of germany for example in
Geosatsignal (ver. with HRV Images as PNGs (those new ones,

I use remapping, with zooming and so on and a resolution of the target
picture about 768x576.

When i try to animate, or even sometimes just try to make one picture,
Geosatsignal just quits, with no warning message or else.
In this computer i have about 1.2 GB RAM. So i dont know if thats an issue?

I would really like to go up with the resolution, but cannot.

Could this be a problem with Geosatsignal? Or do i need more RAM?

Thanks for your answer in advance.

Maik Dobbermann

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