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From: David J Taylor
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Sent: Monday, November 03, 2003 6:05 PM
As Douglas has said, sometimes a hard reboot clears up things.....
additionally, concerning the efficacy of "re-boots", I think there are times
when we suffer from the growing 'power' of PCs and kit therein, and we can
be mislead into thinking we have reset our PC when it hasn't =all= reset..

Modern PCs very rarely have what we used to refer to as the last resort of
the BRS (Big Red Switch) - instead there is sophisticated power management,
and the front-panel power switch is frequently only a signal button.

Even when "off" many modern PCs have wake-on-LAN and even wake-on-keyboard
activity - and as a result, many preserve power to the PCI bus even when
ostensibly shut-down; some also keep keyboards and even USB ports powered-up
as well. Co-incidentally, many plug-in cards have more on-board processing,
and these satellite cards (e.g. B2C2 engine) are a perfect example with
significant processing and on-board I2C communications.

Some plug-in boards don't always "hear" a reset signal (particularly if they
have hung) and the next reaction of attempting a 'hard reset' by
power-cycling the machine using the machine's power button may not in fact
be sufficient to actually power-cycle the PCI cards ! - in extremis, it
may be necessary to externally remove the mains supply and wait awhiles for
the smoothing capacitors to discharge .....

Dave M

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