Re: Wavelet-compressed HRV data

Ian S Deans <ian@...>

Guy ( and David ) thanks for your reply.

The only reason I try to keep HRV image size reasonable is that I do use
GSS4 quite a lot when everything else is still running. Although my Athlon
1200 with 768mb ram has succeeded my best expectations, it is being
seriously pushed. I will try a jpg setting of 100 ( when MSG starts up again
!! ) although I suspect at that level the size of file will be close to png

Thanks again


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Hi Ian,

I'm saving them as jpg with a setting of 100. Saving does now take longer
but the images are now excellent. I'm using an Athlon 1200 with 512Gb and
the processor spends time at 100% so an upgrade is planned in the future as
it is my main working machine. I'm not concerned about image size as I only
archive interesting features and will copy them to CD.

Cheers, Guy

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