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Thank you David
If your meteorology skills were as good as your programming, then we
probably wouldn't need the Met Office :-)

I used to be a RIG member and I do have a RX-2 but I felt that the RIG
subscription was no longer economically beneficial to me. I'm pursuing a
strictly amateur hobby on a limited budget and trying to learn as I go.
Whilst I am not able to contribute to the technical discussions on MSG,
any advice that increases my personal knowledge in satellite technology,
remote imaging, space, meteorology, auroras, etc is very welcome.
Regards, Roger

PS: Anyone see the aurora last night - clearly visible in N. Ireland.
Yes, excellent here in Dunblane. Had to wait for cloud clearing about
22.00 clock but knew it was going to thanks to MSG and GSS4 (keeps mail on
topic !)
Last night's X10 flare's CME struck us about 17.00 and started another
'severe' geomagnetic storm. Magnetic field has turned south so looks like
more auroras tonight. All 'data' sites are virtually unusable at the
moment due to traffic so difficult to get up to date info.
Fingers crossed for clear skies.


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