Re: Missing Segments

Douglas Deans <douglas@...>


Thanks for that.

I did raise this point some time ago, as to how any updates in the
software would be made available to users. Clearly, as the Tellique
software is a chargeable item, it cannot just be put up on a general
access FTP site. Perhaps there will be a chance to update when the
eToken is purchased?

By the way: the tqrecv.exe file I have does not carry an embedded
version number, so I would regard it as unfinished if it was my own
software! However, it does produce the correct version information
in the log file when tqrecv.exe starts.

I have the original version. Indeed I was given a special password to
download an upgrade to get me to 2.3.0a !
What's your opinion David. Should I upgrade... are there any known benefits
or indeed have I restrictions with the older software.... or should I let
happy sleeping dogs lie !
It seems from what I have heard that the majority of the improvements are
automation in installation. Mine was a complete manual job.


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