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David, Segment 6 missing from 1100 onwards onall HRIT. The 1200
11 .......
what is going wrong.
regards David S.
Basic checks: Setup4PC - signal quality, SNR, BER?
Single or dual PC setup?
Receiver PC, check for unexpected tasks at regular intervals.
Yesterday Peter Benney found:

Signal 70% normal. BER10.8 normal Dual PC. Collector average
processor time 2.3% peak 17% hardly working! Only Tellique software
installed - dedicated machine. Tellique verbose says all files
received. BER sits at 00000.000 uncorrected blocks sits at 0
through the 1300 and 1315 cycles monitoring network no unusual
activity. Channel 12 segments 16 and 17 missing again. This is no
random event!! I will try restarting the collection PC and watch
through again.

David S.
Have restarted collection PC. 1400 1415 and 1430 perfect. Rechecked
Tellique log files and no sign of errors. So the Tellique software
does seem to get itself into a very peculiar state. Next time it
happens I will try storing off all the received files to try and see
what is going on. Definitely a consistent loss of segments from
channel 12 (16 & 17) but no errors in reception!!

David S.

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