Re: Missing Segments

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

- RF interference which went away

- something covering the LNB aperture - a spider's web, perhaps? -
which decayed after a couple of days

- some creature that had gained entry to the LNB, whose body fell
apart over the two day period

.. so do check your antenna and its path to the satellite.

The common factor when sectors missed from the tellique log .....

VRB:2003-10-30 11:48:14.609:Received new key 6525
VRB:2003-10-30 11:48:14.609:Received announcement for channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address (subscribed)
VRB:2003-10-30 11:48:15.109:Connecting to data channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address (invited)
MSG:2003-10-30 11:48:15.437:Connect to data channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2', address completed (invited)
VRB:2003-10-30 11:48:16.484:Received filelist 3fa0faa10009f919 on channel `EUMETSAT Data Channel 2'
MSG:2003-10-30 11:48:16.531:File transmission 3fa0f95e0009f850 ended/interrupted: 1 file missing/incomplete
VRB:2003-10-30 11:48:16.687:Received new key 6526

Setup4PC shows a rock steady 70% SNR 10.8 BER Zero Uncorrected Blocks Zero. I am using the 88cm dish and watching the 11096 tp on the TV Sat STB shows 88% signal with 100% quality.

I am now going to connect directly to the Skystar card avoiding the loopthrough althought this has been the default setup from the beginning.
- operating system - XP Home (all current updates)
- processor - Athlon 2400+
- memory - 1024MB DDR
- DVB card version -Version 2.3
- DVB card driver software -
- source of software - CD from Tellique
- version of Tellique software - 2.3.0a 200302261042200



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