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David, Segment 6 missing from 1100 onwards onall HRIT. The 1200
11 .......
what is going wrong.
regards David S.
Basic checks: Setup4PC - signal quality, SNR, BER?
Single or dual PC setup?
Receiver PC, check for unexpected tasks at regular intervals.
Yesterday Peter Benney found:

Signal 70% normal. BER10.8 normal Dual PC. Collector average
processor time 2.3% peak 17% hardly working! Only Tellique software
installed - dedicated machine. Tellique verbose says all files
received. BER sits at 00000.000 uncorrected blocks sits at 0 Watched
through the 1300 and 1315 cycles monitoring network no unusual
activity. Channel 12 segments 16 and 17 missing again. This is no
random event!! I will try restarting the collection PC and watch
through again.

David S.

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