Re: Missing Segments

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺


You are not alone, a complete cycle is now a rarity for me.
Something has changed and I wish I knew what.


I have also had this problem - unexplained sudden high segment
loss. As I recall, at one stage simply rebooting the Receiver PC
fixed the problem. On other occasions the problem simply
disappeared after a couple of days. I was tempted to put the latter
down to either:

- RF interference which went away

- something covering the LNB aperture - a spider's web, perhaps? -
which decayed after a couple of days

- some creature that had gained entry to the LNB, whose body fell
apart over the two day period

.. so do check your antenna and its path to the satellite.

So if the PC hasn't changed, what has?

- the software was switched from IQGSE to IMPF at 1300 (28th)

- the HRV compression was changed at 13:00 yesterday (29th) for 24

Does anything co-incide with those changes?

There have been transponder/uplink problems - did the troubles start


[A different] David

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