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Terence O'Hanlon Smith wrote:
Dear all,
if anyone has attempted anything like this, or knows what
the problem might be, I would be grateful for some help or advice.

I have adjusted the 'receive-ini' file, to David's recommendation, and
my Rx machine now has two directories,' received' and 'received56'
for MSG 1 and 2 respectively.
The Tellicast log shows all 5 channels receiving and completing -
either (finished) or (suspended), and the files are correctly
directed into the appropriate directories.

It all just about worked but, with MSG DM on the one machine coping
with both sets of data (and my reticence with Ram drives), it was
reporting many lost segments on that processing machine, so I
networked in my travelling laptop with its MSG DM (same version) and
set it up to process separately only the MSG2 files. The main MSG-1
processing machine is carrying on as normal, with no lost segments,
but the second MSG-2 DM is not processing the files from the
'received56' directory. Watching the DM log and the directory in
Explorer, at the same time, shows the MSG-2 files appearing and
disappearing in the directory, (just as they do with MSG-1 on the
other computer), but no processing taking place in DM, although the
yellow "LED" does flicker occasionally. I can only think that this is
a networking problem, although I have been very careful with the
setting up of the source directory ( received56 ), and have even
tried specifically mapping it. I am reasonably sure it's not a
permissions thing, Explorer has no problem with the directory, but I
can't think what else it might be and am presently at a loss. Perhaps
someone has another notion?

Thanks in anticipation,

If the files are disappearing from the 'received56' folder, something must be deleting them. Any chance it's the second MSG Data Manager deleting them? Any chance you left the second instance of the MSG Data Manager running in the first machine? I would be tempted to say you have the "Delete other satellite" box checked, but that shouldn't delete files in a different directory! I take it the log shows "MSG-2" and not "MSG-1"?

Probably something obvious.

There is no foreign satellite data being sent as MSG-2 right now, nor any MTP data (Met-5 or Met-7), just LRIT and HRIT.

By the way: this would be more appropriate in the SatSignal group.

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