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David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Mads Olander Rasmussen wrote:
Hi David and list

after reading your email (3) David, I realized that I had to update
the client software (I was running 2.4.0a). On that machine I only
receive NOAA AVHRR data and the trial MSG2 data so I only have
enabled PIDs 100 and 500. After updating the software my 'T' changed
from consistently pink to changing between pink and red. It claims
that I have a 'configuration error' as you also mention (1,b). Does
anyone have an idea how to avoid this? As I am only receiving the
NOAA AVHRR data and the MSG-2 data I have not edited
recv-channels.ini to separate the data from the different channels
(so I'm using the [*] wildcard option). Enabling the other PIDs make
the 'Configuration Error' messages go away (and the pink 'T'
reappears) - but it also increases the load on the machine which was
why I disabled PIDs 300 and 301 in the first place!


As far as I can tell at the moment, we will alll need to change away from using the catch-all [*] section in recv-channels.ini, and add sections specific to the data we want. Otherwise it seems that the Announcement channel says something like:

- there are files for Data Channel 3 on multicast address a.b.c.d:e

and if you have the wildcard [*] set, the TelliCast software say to the DVB software:

- please send me multicast data for address a.b.c.d:e

and if the PID for that data isn't set, then the TelliCast client fails to connect, and hence registers an error. As far as I can understand, though, such an error doesn't cause data loss, so it simply gets recorded in the log file (causing more disk I/O). What you need to do, I believe, is to remove the section [*], and (for the data you want), replace it with sections like (where I made up the directory names):

# (for the AVHRR data)
[EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]
# (for MSG-2 HRIT data)
[EUMETSAT Data Channel 5]

Indeed, that may be the full content of the recv-channels.ini file.

In this way, when files for Data Channel 3 come along, the TelliCast client will know that you don't want them, as it can't find a match for "EUMETSAT Data Channel 1" and that it should not try to set up a data connection to: (which wouldn't work as you are not taking PID 301). There is a list of channels and PIDs here, although I don't know the multicast address for DWDSAT, and if someone has this I could complete the table.

Is that any clearer? Does it cure the flashing red icon problem?

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