Re: Recent EUMETCast changes

Mads Olander Rasmussen <mor@...>

Hi David and list

after reading your email (3) David, I realized that I had to update the
client software (I was running 2.4.0a). On that machine I only receive
NOAA AVHRR data and the trial MSG2 data so I only have enabled PIDs 100
and 500. After updating the software my 'T' changed from consistently
pink to changing between pink and red. It claims that I have a
'configuration error' as you also mention (1,b). Does anyone have an
idea how to avoid this? As I am only receiving the NOAA AVHRR data and
the MSG-2 data I have not edited recv-channels.ini to separate the data
from the different channels (so I'm using the [*] wildcard option).
Enabling the other PIDs make the 'Configuration Error' messages go away
(and the pink 'T' reappears) - but it also increases the load on the
machine which was why I disabled PIDs 300 and 301 in the first place!

Mads 01-06-2006 10:25 >>>
1 - "wrong interface address" messages in the log file.

(a) A few of these messages are to be expected when a higher priority
transmission from another channel was started, and the opened channel
not used. These are annoying, but can be ignored. They don't signify

data loss.

(b) The channel has been disabled (PID not selected of channel not
selected in recv-channels.ini, then happens frequently).

To me (b) sounds like a configuration error. My guess is that we may
need to learn how to edit the recv-channels.ini file to filter in the
we want, rather than just getting everything.

3 - the upgrade of the client is mandatory, as future changes may cause

even more problems for the old client software.

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