Re: Segment Loss


Hello All,

On my standard RX PC I do not run a firewall nor a virusscanner and do
not run defrag.
This may not be advisable, yet the system has run from April 2003 in
this config without any problem.

Why ?
My Speedtouch ADSL modem as a hardware firewall actived.
I do not surf on the RX PC and disabled messenger service.
The 40 GB disk is partitioned in 10 GB C: and 30 GB D:, swap space is
set to a fixed size and on D: and all received data is stored on D:
So the C drive is very static (apart from the log files and regular
updates from David Taylor !) and does not fragment.
All data from the D drive is moved to my process PC almost daily, so
fragmentation is not an issue.

Currently both PC's have been running without segment loss (from May
31 12:45 UTC up to this morning 06:00 UTC).

The errors in TC240 recv.log that I have do not concern data that I
take and don't cause missing segments.

They do show that a client update is mandatory !

Arne van Belle

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