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I've just had an e-mail from EUMETSAT which I may summarise as follows:

1 - "wrong interface address" messages in the log file.

(a) A few of these messages are to be expected when a higher priority transmission from another channel was started, and the opened channel was not used. These are annoying, but can be ignored. They don't signify data loss.

(b) The channel has been disabled (PID not selected of channel not selected in recv-channels.ini, then happens frequently).

To me (b) sounds like a configuration error. My guess is that we may all need to learn how to edit the recv-channels.ini file to filter in the data we want, rather than just getting everything.

2 - increased missing segments

If the system performance was borderline before, the new server and client software might push such a system over the limit. Using a RAMdisk for the file database location (i.e. the .FSY file) should resolve these problems.

(Arne van Belle's article is here:

3 - the upgrade of the client is mandatory, as future changes may cause even more problems for the old client software.

4 - you are encouraged to report problems. The trouble-shooting guide section (A) lists the minimum information that EUMETSAT need.

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