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I have been using Diskeeper 10 for about two months now on (amongst others)
a four disk machine running 24/7 (XP pro) using the smart defragmentation
settings. When I look at the Volume Map of three of the drives, they always
appear as fully defragmented whereas the most active disk where the
EUMETCast files are stored appears as somewhat fragmented. When I do a
manual defragmentation on that disk, the program runs for about a minute and
then all is blue again. This means in my view that Diskeeper does do a good
job in keeping things in order and that the visual presentation in the
Volume Map looks worse than in reality it is. I have no secondary, or FAAST
job set.

I have never been able to associate missing segments with running the
program. It seems that in my case there has been no increase in missing
segments since I am using Diskeeper.

Since I have no experience with predecessors of version 10 I can not judge
if it is worth to upgrade to it, but this version does wonders to my




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To any one who has not already upgraded to Diskeeper10, my advice is
don't bother if,like me, you run 24/7.

I have put all this to the Diskeeper Corporation but they find
themselves unable to help...or reply to my emails.


John Say

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