Re: Segment Loss

Alan Sewards <asewards@...>

Thank you for your comments. I have Zone Alarm on the machine in
question for the same reasons as you, but there is no AV as I do not get
mail on the machine. I do, however, have Norton Utilities (an old one!)
on there, and with it goes the Norton Protected Recycle Bin, and sure
enough, it had got to the Z: drive and allotted space for recycling. I
have now turned this off. I don't think any of the other Utilities
affects the reception process, but I'll check further. It was smart of
you to catch that one, thanks!
BTW, the Channel 1 error messages continue. I have alerted OPS.

Best regards - Alan

David J Taylor wrote:

Alan Sewards wrote:
Thanks for your comments. I will report the error messages to OPS,
I find that they started on 30 May at 0902 and there are now several
hundred of them!
Best regards - Alan

I think Arne has answered your questions - the only oddity I spotted was
"NPROTECT" - if that's something to do with Norton please keep /anything/
which could interfere with the clean flow of data /well away/ from
anything to do with EUMETCast reception, be it anti-virus, Norton recycle
bin, "RAM-boosters" etc. etc.

Summarise your report to Ops, and try to include as much configuration
data as possible. The more information they can get the better.

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