Re: Segment Loss

seggins2000 <seggins@...>

By the way, on the main PC (which is a receive-only PC), I run
to defrag each of the four partitions once a week, on different
days, at
different times. This can also cause the odd missing segment,
perhaps one
a month (rough guess). I can correlate the time and day of the
segment with the defrag of the disk with the &#92;receiving&#92;


I use Diskeeper too. I have always been impressed by the program so
I updated to Diskeeper 10.
This version has many more sophisticated methods of defragmentation
than previous versions.
I find, if I try to implement its more 'thorough' methods (e.g. the
recommended one)it completely fails to keep up. My main storage disk
fragments very quickly as the files come in from MDM and it seemed a
good idea to set up Diskeeper to smart-defragment the disk on its
recommended setting. The result was that Diskeeper was running
almost continuously, plodding about shifting bits and pieces while
the disk was fragmenting more and more.
I changed the setting away from 'smart' to a fixed time and the
defragmentation method to 'simple' and it now keeps up.

To any one who has not already upgraded to Diskeeper10, my advice is
don't bother if,like me, you run 24/7.

I have put all this to the Diskeeper Corporation but they find
themselves unable to help...or reply to my emails.


John Say

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