Re: Single-machine statistics

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Sorry this is rather long, but I felt the data might be useful
and of general interest.

Best regards - Alan

Alan Sewards

Thanks for that. I haven't digested it all, by any means, but Sam
Elsdon has also been looking with Performance Monitor and I hope he
write up his findings!

Some checks:

- ensure that you minimise the number of HRIT channels you collect.
Only collect what you need.
- Don't take LRIT if you don't need it.
- be sure to defrag your disks regularly
- use NTFS and not FAT for the disk structure.

Having said that, with the current beta version I am currently
collecting all 12 channels, and I see a Commit charge in task
manager of 530MB as I write. In addition to the MSG Data Manager, I
have running:

- Explorer
- Internet Explorer
- Speaking clock
- MRTG (runs under Perl)
- Outlook Express
- Front Page
- Zome Alarm
- Anti-virus

I often run Borland's Delphi for development, and various office and
imaging products as part of the development process. All this under
Windows XP SP1. The machine only seems to be affected by saving the
HRV image (in JPEG format), and I'm almost sure it didn't used to do
that, and suspect that one of the security patches is responsible.
Saving an HRV image in PNG format does take time - I've just been
doing that as part of the current "lossless HRV" tests.

I don't see why you are quite so worried by the commit charge value
you are seeing.

As to your recommendations, I believe the Web site already says to
have 1GB if you want to process HRV (channel 12) data, you fidings
do support that.


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