Re: Segment Loss

Ulrich G. Kliegis

On 31 May 2006 at 19:51, Douglas Deans wrote:

Strange thing is David, the segment loss is always on the .30 scan and
always only one HRIT segment. I have checked and nothing else is
happening at that time (on the receive computer).
You might try to monitor the network activities, preferably on the
processing machine. Fetching data via the LAN also eats ressources in
terms of disk access and -blockage. If you sync both computers to the
same time server, you may get pretty explaining information on what's
going on at the critical times. Running the monitoring process on the
receiving machine may change its behaviour so much that the error
gets damaged... :)

Did anyone who is experiencing segment losses play with the priority
parameter in rec-channels.ini?

At least, I can report that most parts of my newly refurbished (now 1
GHz-) receiver work flawlessly now. Only the 250 GB disk refuses to
cooperate, probably due to the FAT32 format under win2k.
Yaddahyaddahyaddah, I know. But I will have to salvage the data that
are still on it from its previous life before reformatting.


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