Re: Segment Loss

Douglas Deans <dsdeans@...>

Douglas Deans wrote:
I have been up and running since 07.00 UTC this morning and so far
have not
lost any segments. Ditch the RAMdisk !!!!!!!!
I did that this morning but no difference. I am not taking EPS or
MSG-2 at the moment so there is no pressure on the receive computer.
It's only a few but still annoying. Vaguely remember there was an
issue before when not everyone was affected equally.
It only started after yesterday's change of software by Eumetsat so I
am pretty certain it is not me.

At the moment I do not need a RAMdisk either but believe you me when
EPS starts you have no chance without one !!


You /are/ running the V2.4.4 B TelliCast client software, I presume?

Oh yes, a little longer than most if you get my drift !
Strange thing is David, the segment loss is always on the .30 scan and
always only one HRIT segment. I have checked and nothing else is happening
at that time (on the receive computer). Only started yesterday. Bit of a
Tomorrow I may go back to the 'other' data and see if things get worse.


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